Speaker Topics

Barbara has a variety of topics to choose from:

  • Cinderella Moments - Did your ball invite get lost in the mail? No worries, there are Cinderella moments galore - you just need to know where to look for them. Great  for mother-daughter or MOPS groups.
  • How to Checkmate Your Challenge - Challenges happen, so learn to handle them before they handle you!
  • Beauty by Choice - What makes you attractive to God?
  • Grateful for Girlfriends - I love my girlfirends! Do you? Learn to keep the "relate" in relationships.
  • The Tale of Unbalanced Scales - Learning to maintain balance in your life
  • Fabulous Freedom - A testimony of escaping spiritual bondage and finding freedom!
  • Debt-Free Living - A testimony of learning lessons about spiritual debt and learning to live debt free.
  • Lessons from Biblical Ladies - Developing a character after God's own heart based on women in the Bible.

All topics can be customized for any group size or event length: luncheon, keynote, all day or weekend retreat. Barbara can also develop material based on your groups needs.