July 12, 2012

The Ugly Doll

Acts 3:6 "Then Peter said, "Silver or gold, I do not have, But what I do have I give to you..." Again, it has been too long in writing. Right now, Bob and I are in Seattle, waiting to join a cruise. We are very excited about this vacation. We are not only looking forward to some "sweetheart time" but also for whatever God has in store for us. Today we did some sightseeing and browsed through the local shops. In one cutesy store, I found an Ugly Doll. I had to laugh, wondering what will they think of next! Shortly afterward, we headed back to the hotel room for the evening as the feet were tired. We headed toward our room away from home via the downtown sidewalk. We passsed all sorts of people. Tourists, business people and numerous others walked along side of use. There were would-be-rockers playing guitars for dollars on the street corners. We saw one very lively man selling cold water to thirsty pedistrians and a few folks asking for hand outs. One of those folks caught my eye. She wasn't a teenager, but younger than me. She sat in a wheelchair with a sign that read: Help, disabled, ugly, broke and hungry. My heart cringed as I walked passed her to the corner where we had to stop for the traffic. But God knows where to put a traffic light. I quickly dug out a few dollars from my wallet and walked back to her. I placed the bills in her hands and told her, "You are not ugly." She issued a thanked you in a sincere but pained voice. I walked back to the corner where the light had not yet changed. But my heart was not satisfied with my poor attempt to help this stranger. I turned around and walked right back to her. She sat expressionless as I stepped back in front of her and just flat out asked if she knew Jesus Christ. From her response, I gathered she'd heard of Jesus but did not know Him. She told me she was going through a bad time and was about to be homeless. The only thing I could think to tell her was that while I could not give her anything that would fix her problem, I would give her what I could - the offer of hope in Christ. I spent then next several minutes sharing the gospel with her and telling her that she WAS NOT UGLY and God indeed loved her dearly. In the end, she did not pray to receive Christ, but she listened to me and spoke so kindly with me with tears streaming down her face. I left her with a tract to review and she did allow me to pray for her. After that I kissed her face and dug a bit deeper in my wallet and then parted company, praying her heart would be opened to her Savior before the night was over. How many times do I (or you) pass by someone in need because we think we have nothing to share, or fear what we have isn't enough? Earlier, I had laughed over an Ugly Doll, only to be confronted by a living breathing person, who thought that described her! Suddenly, I wasn't amused. Let me encourage you to paid attention when God says, Go back! Dig digger,and share what you DO have and the God do the rest. Take a vacation when needed for work, but never form God. Love, Barbara