May 31, 2012

Testing Times

“Have this attitude [mind] in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus” Philippians 2:5 (NASB) Brackets mine

Wow! It’s been too long since we’ve talked! So much has happened and I’ll never be able to tell you everything. So let me just get to the important stuff. I’ve been having some tests.
The hearing test came first. That reminds me of a time long ago when my darling daughter was a teenager. Like many teens, she had chores to perform around the house. Like many teens, they were never done. Her perpetual excuse was, “But mom, I really didn’t hear you tell me to do that!”

After hearing that about 29, 487 times, I did something profound and life changing. I made her an appointment to have her hearing checked. After all, what kind of a mom would I be if I neglected her precious hearing! Since Bob was still active duty, I got her into his doctor for a thorough hearing evaluation. And believe me, nothing gets past an Air Force Flight Surgeon.

It turned out that her hearing was on target. The doc said, “The only thing she cannot hear is the sound of her mother’s voice.” That settled everything.

Well, in January I finished out the last several weeks of my job with Pocket Full of Change Ministries. That was hard. Do you have any idea how hard it is to quit working for a friend and sister in Christ? It was not an easy task, but it was my hearing test. I was obedient and He led me to quit a job without quitting my friend. One test passed.

I have had many other tests since then, vision, heart and muscle strength tests. Not all of them are finished and not all the results are in but I have hope. However, up until this week, some of the testing seemed a little hopeless.
Off and on for the past few months, it seems like I have heard everything and nothing at the same time. My vision is getting fuzzy and my heart a bit dull. My muscles are mush. I had trouble pinpointing why. Well, it all boiled down to attitude. I guess I tried to take control of my own attitude and tried to do things in my own strength, my own way and by my own sight. I am stopping here because I think you get the picture loud and clear. Me too!

Then this week something changed. The daughter that used to be deaf to mom called. She gave me some instructions, encouragement and lots of love. God used her calls to re-adjust my attitude. Not because of me but due to Christ’s unfailing love for me, my vision is starting to clear, my heart is trying to beat better and I know in my weakness His strength is perfected.
I will be making a few changes in the way I do a few things in the future and invite you to assess your attitude as well. Are you feeling a bit disoriented or out of focus lately? Listening to everything and everyone but hearing nothing? You are not alone. So together, let us turn to see the day through His eyes, love through His heart, hear with spiritual ears and move in His power and might. Moving through one test to another in Christ will enable you to put yourself aside and take on the mind the Christ.

Blessings, Barbara
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