December 13, 2011

Two Weeks Before Christmas

Two weeks before Christmas and with quiet in the house,

I stare at my computer with my hand on the mouse.

The tree is all lit and the stockings are hung.

Now I wonder what else needs to be done?

I need to wrap packages with ribbons and bows,

Then off to the Post Office where everyone goes.

I stand in the lines and silently hum,

Impatiently waiting for my turn to come.

Then back to the house with hustle and scurry

Driving myself crazy with bustle and hurry.

Finally I sit with a cup full of tea,

Something is missing but what could it be?

My eye catches sight of a leather bound book,

Waiting alone and feeling forsake.

Opening its pages and looking within,

It’s there I discover I am filled deep with sin.

I quickly learn sin will results my death,

I recoiled at the thought and drew in my breath!

But then came a word that perked up my soul,

Jesus gives life so to Him I must go!

For the babe in the manger became the man nailed to wood,

To take my punishment, in a way no one else could.

So I fell on my knees and asked Christ to begin,

The process of taking me out of my sin.

I asked Him to guide me each day of my life,

To give me wisdom and peace in dealing with strife.

He answered my prayer and bestowed me with grace,

And in Heaven forever, He gave me a place.

Now I begin to see a great need

In telling others so they can believe!

Jesus was born and laid bare in a bin,

So you would not have to die in your sin.

This Christmas - take time to remember the One,

Who was born of a virgin and whom God did call Son.

It is He that is cause for this joyous of season,

Tis true what they say, for Christ is the reason!

As you shop and you greet those in the street

Or places of work, just wherever you meet.

Without hesitation, please issue this call:

Merry Christmas indeed and New Life is for ALL!

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