September 19, 2011

It’s the Hello Kitty Band-Aid!

“Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8 (NASB)

I have an arsenal. Ask my husband. I carry it with me wherever I go. These are turbulent times we live in and I never know just what weapon I need to wield at any given time. What is this arsenal? I call it “My Purse.” Every woman carries one and therein resides items that could foster world peace, well at least peace in my world.

In my purse are tracts as one has need of Scripture often. For times when I need to smell fresher, I have perfume. For times when my face needs freshening, I carry a make up bag. For emergencies, I travel with cell phone and plastic. My pharmaceutical compartment is equipped with remedies for every kind of headache known to man, or woman. I carry pencil, pen and sometimes dry erase markers and much, much more.

However, push all those items aside for one super-special secret weapon. It is the Hello Kitty Band-Aid.

A few years ago, I was at the zoo with my daughter and granddaughter, Kylie. At some point during the afternoon, I noticed Kylie had scratched her leg and she began to bleed. We stopped for a moment and I announced I had just the cure needed. I whipped out one sterile Hello Kitty Band-Aid and applied it directly to the child’s boo-boo. Kylie gave a quick inspection to her newly covered sore and looked up at me beaming, “Nana, you take really good care of me!” My heart inflated about 10 sizes; I was her hero.

A few weeks ago, Bob and I headed out to go somewhere when I noticed his elbow was bleeding. No problem, I whipped out another Hello Kitty Band-Aid and applied it directly to his wound. He reluctantly allowed this doctoring because he didn’t want to bleed all over a brand new white shirt. Hero time once again! But then he forgot to take it off and he made quite the impression the next day at church. Face it; can you resist the chance to giggle at a guy with a girlie band-aid on his arm?

A few days ago we traveled to North Carolina with our daughter to help look for a new place for her and her family to live. Her husband received a promotion which means a move! One evening after dinner, she scratched a mole on her face and it began to bleed. Once again, hero mama and the pink kitty band-aid rushed to the rescue.

And finally, just the other day I drove a friend to her auto mechanic to retrieve her newly repaired car. I pulled in between two cars to drop her off. It didn’t take long to notice the dented red vehicle to my left. Someone tried to make it feel better by placing five or six Hello Kitty Band-Aids over each of the dents. Is there anything a Hello Kitty Band-Aid can’t do?

Even though our small children think differently, there isn’t any real magic in a band-aid. I think the “magic” is in the love. But the band-aid serves a valid purpose. It covers and comforts. It covers a wound providing protection. The knowledge of that protection brings comfort. A little strip of plastic whether pink or beige, round or square, gives the wearer peace of mind.

God commands us to love fervently one another. The way we love one another speaks volumes to a lost world around. The way we don’t love one another says just as much if not more. When Christ died on the cross for us, His love covered all my sin and yours. For that I am eternally grateful. But it just doesn’t stop there. Just how do I wear this love? How do I let it cover my life each and every day?

Do I put God’s love temporarily until I get to feeling better only to rip it off at the first sign of healing – thinking I have things under control on my own? Or do I cling to His covering of love, the love that covered my sin and wear it daily for protection from infection? Do I offer this covering to others who need healing, protection and comfort?

I know it seems like a silly subject to write on but I just had to! I pray you will look deeply into the covering God has provided for your sin and then wear it well!

I am stuck on Band-Aid ‘cuz Band-Aid’s stuck on me!

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