September 06, 2011

Be the Uninvited Guest

“If we have hoped in Christ in this life only, we are of all men most to be pitied.” 1 Corinthians 15:19 (NASB)

Haven’t we all heard “Misery loves company?” I know this for fact, because too often I’ve practiced the principle. If I am miserable, I want company to know I am miserable. Seldom will I suffer silently. Thus I have perfected the art of the Pity Party. Can anyone relate? Be honest!

In this world we have a plethora of reasons to toss a pity party and the economy doesn’t have to be good to throw it! The government is in a mess and I recently read a joke where Wall Street was being renamed Wal-Mart Street. Can I get a witness? Yet, there is a Pity Party coming that has nothing to do with your personal financial situation. It doesn’t care if you are employed or not. It makes no difference if you live in that big fancy house next to the fancy bridge or if you live under the bridge. To be invited you simply don’t have to do anything at all – just be yourself.

My job today is to encourage you to be uninvited to that party!

You see, that Pity Party is of such proportions that any miserable soul going will have plenty of company and that is most unfortunate. The party favors will not be pretty and the DJ’s will be absolutely demonic! The most miserable point of all, once you enter – you can never leave. For you see, this party takes place in hell and it is forever.

The only way you can escape an invitation to Satan’s Soiree is to not be invited at all! You can get yourself quickly uninvited by accepting another invitation to a heavenly ball where misery is forbidden to attend. The only thing this Perfect Party has in common with the Pity Party is that all are welcome to attend. Race, creed, color or gender is not a factor, the invitation has been issued to ALL, from the least to the most miserable, wretched person and it is forever. No one has been left off the guest list. The only requirement to attend the Perfect Party is that you respond in the affirmative through Christ.

I think we all know where I am headed with this. The only way to escape hell is to accept heaven’s eternal invitation by responding to Christ and accepting His gift of eternal life. This gift is redeemable the minute you admit your need for Him and invite Jesus to be part of your life. The minute we do that, we starting living the Gift right now.

This is where hope truly springs eternal, because after this life is over we are guaranteed a spot at the Perfect Party that will be held in the throne room of Heaven. Because if Christ’s gift was only good for an earthly lifetime, Paul would be right, we are of all men most to be pitied!

But it is what you do here and now that will determine what party you attend and yes, those are the only two choices – but do you really need another? Please take a moment today to settle once and for all what guest list your name will be on! Then extend a heavenly invitation to someone else. Let’s do everything we can to cut Satan’s guest list off before it’s too late. Offer someone the invitation of a lifetime! Do it not only for their eternal life but for a new reason for life right now on earth. I saw this on a church last week that kind of feeds in with today: “Life without Christ is like a dull pencil – where’s the point?”

Don’t pity me – I got the point!

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