March 21, 2011

Busyness versus Business

"And he [Jesus] said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?” Luke 2:49 (KJV)

What’s on your “to-do list” today? Do you have more than one list? Is your list longer than your arm? Can you even find your list? Does it seem like one endless thing to do after another? Are you depressed yet? If so, then I have news for you!

I’ve had to do some serious looking at all my to-do’s. I am learning to love my to-do’s. How did I manage that? Well, I started by developing a smarter relationship with my to-do’s and the One I am “to-doing” them for!

Now this wasn’t easy because I love my rest as well. I love my down time. But what I discovered is I am prone to over-indulging in it. Alas what is a body to do?

After much reflection upon the subject of busy and rest, I have come to several conclusions. But first let me bring out my soapbox to stand on! Okay this will probably get me hate mail but here goes. For starters, we need to take a long look at rest, busyness and business.

I’ve complained so much about all my busyness and needing rest, that I overlooked one little thing. God has a plan and a purpose for me which includes some work. This work involves an attitude called commitment on my part and commitments have a tendency to keep me busy. Apparently, God thinks this is normal. Maybe I should too!

Over time, I started to view commitment as the enemy against time. I began to think of every commitment as an over-commitment. This led me to feel too busy. But then a light came on! I’d been mistaking His business for busyness. All this time, I thought I was overloaded when all along it was about me being about His business.

From this new thought I have drawn several conclusions about myself which I shall share and then you can decide if anything applies to you or not:

1. With every ounce of my being, I know we must rest! It’s in the Bible. We are commanded to take care of our temple bodies and take time to be still and know God. Jesus did so should you and me. In fact, I believe it so much that next week I will be on vacation.

2. Sometimes I have used the “body needs a rest” theory to over-rest and pass up commitments I should have made. I wonder as believers in general, are we so overly active in other areas of life that we use the “I need a break” excuse to avoid committing to the Lord and His work? Maybe we’ve learn to “just say no” too much. It’s just a question.

3. After I reviewed each of my activities I truly believe the Lord led me to each one. Perhaps they became busy instead of business because I’ve tried to do them in my own strength – big mistake.

4. When I decided that I can’t do anything apart from Him and His strength is indeed perfected in my weakness, things take on a new and improved look.

5. Yes, I get tired. But who said being tired was a bad thing? Being tired makes one sleep better. Now if you become tired to the point of being harmful – refer to #1.

Jesus rested, but Jesus worked. He honored He holy commitment to God and never complained about being too busy. To Him, it was all about His Father’s business! Because He tasked involved dying for all humanity – I can see where He pushed through a little harder than you and I might but His example is worthy.

My advice to you this week: Sleep at night when you are supposed too. Nap when needed. In the morning MAKE/TAKE time to pray and read God’s word. Eat right. Exercise – you can do it! Take a walk, take the stairs at work. Replace busyness for business. Yes, this might mean cutting out some stuff because sometimes we actually do take on too much. But it also might mean adding some stuff, the right stuff to your schedule. Trust God for direction and strength. Don’t worry if you get tired. We all do.

While I am still a work in progress – this has already made a difference in my life. Thanks for letting me share it with you! Have a good week full of God’s grace and riches!

Being about His business!

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