January 17, 2011

Dancing with THE STAR!

“And David was dancing before the Lord with all his might…” II Sam 6:14a (NASB)

Bob and I are big fans of Dancing with The Stars. It makes me want to dance! I have to admit that when no one is looking I indulge a private whirl. At least, as much of a whirl as my bones will allow!

Every time a couple hits the dance floor, whatever dance they are dancing becomes my favorite: the Salsa, the Foxtrot, the Jive – to name a few. Currently they are off the air so I am not sure what made me think of this but it is not mine to question – just to roll with, or dance with in this instance.

Actually, I guess I do know what preceded this whole line of thought. It was the Tango. I hate to confess this but I am not the perfect Christian. As much as I’d like to hold that title, I will never even come close. This year has already presented some interesting issues that have created struggle in my life.

What’s really funny is that only a few days ago, I told another struggling sister to remember that trials in life are always meant to draw us closer to God and not drive us away from God. This is something I believe with my whole heart! So if that is true, then why do I find myself doing that which I so strongly urge others not to do?

That’s when I remembered the Tango. There is much that can be said of the Tango as far as the passion and artistry this dance provokes. But bottom line, the basis for the Tango is the old attitude that screams, “Come to me” and in a split second growls, “Go away!”

“Go!” “Stay!” The war is on, back and forth, in an endless cycle. It’s a battle of will played out on a dance that is full of passion and emotion. While the pair is together the entire dance, the series of stops and sharp movements keep you watching from the edge of your seat. It’s filled with brief smiles and long periods of stern, angry or distance expressions. Apparently, this is not an easy dance.

Personally, I’d rather be waltzing.

The waltz is slower paced and elegant. It’s two people perfectly in sync with one another. Each step flows effortlessly after the other. Eyes meet with a sweet intimacy – two minds in tune without a word being spoken. The couple glides rather than take steps. Each body sways in perfect harmony with the other. There are a few twirls and dips that can make your pulse race and your face smile. It all looks as easy and natural as breathing. Sigh!

Oh what lessons to be learned from dancing! (Please don’t tell my preacher, I am supposed to be Baptist!) I could spend quite some time giving you spiritual points and parallels. However, in the essence of time, I will draw us to the thought at hand for today. Just like King David, I have an eternal dance partner – the Father. Some days it is so easy to dance before Him with total abandon. But mostly, I enjoy dancing with Him.

It’s just lately – I feel like I’ve engaged God in too many Tangos and not enough Waltzes’. I need to relax and let the Holy Spirit restore those intimate glances I long for and live for. I need to practice my steps more, with the Father as my lead so walking through the issues of life are as effortless as watching two ballroom dancers glide across the floor.

However, when those Tango moments come along, I am so grateful that God never leaves me on the dance floor alone, even when I try to push Him away. He is my partner for life and what comfort that brings.

I pray that today you find your dance card filled with waltz’s, with the throne room of God as your dance floor! See you next week.

Until then, dance with all your might!

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this devotion!!! Scott and I have been taking ballroom lessons since June and I can totally relate to the Waltz and Tango correlations. Gonna share this on my Facebook for all my dancing friends!