November 08, 2010

Moo-Moo, Boo-Hoo, Pooh- Pooh

She glared at me and called me a cow! She pointed her finger and pronounced me an adulteress! To add final insult to already fatal injuries, she said I was a baby! I was shocked. I was insulted. I was appalled. I was…convicted.

Who was this woman who dared to speak to me in this fashion? Where did she come from and just who did she think she was! Well, her name is Liz and she came from out of town. She is a pastor’s wife but she was also our speaker for a women’s event last month. Bet you are wondering who signed up for that message!

It was a rough ride where no one had a clue what was going to happen next. You are probably asking if this was one of those events that went very wrong. Not really. Did we fire her after that? No. Did we run her out of the town on a rail? Nope. What did we do? We stood and applauded. We bowed our hearts and confessed. We came forward and we prayed. Battle-scared and bruised, we were not bitter but grateful for the wake-up call to live our faith as it was meant to be lived.

I wished you could have been there. Our conference was entitled: R U SERIOUS? And that was the question we had to ask ourselves about our relationship with God. Today, I ask you – just how serious are you about your relationship with Christ?

Now that I’ve asked, I am sure you are dying to hear the explanation for the title of today’s devotional. Well, those were Liz’s three talking points in our first session. I’ll try and give you a brief synopsis of each and ask that you allow the Holy Spirit to teach you in accordance to what you need for the day.

1. Moo-Moo (Amos 4:1)
In this verse, the prophet Amos is addressing a group of overly-indulgent, lazy, bossy women, who had no concern for the poor or oppressed people of the town. They were only interested in satisfying their own self-centered desires. He called them “Cows of Bashan” and it wasn’t a compliment. They were fat, lazy, bossy and selfish cows. Moo-Moo. Ouch!

2. Boo-Hoo (James 4 and II Tim 3:6)
Here we are called adulteresses (in James) because although we call ourselves Christian – we continue to maintain a close and personal relationship with the things of the world. We compromise our faith without thinking. We have become weak or silly women (II Tim) weighted down with sin so that we can easily be taken captive – learning but never able to come to a full and true knowledge of the truth. Poor me and woe is us! Boo-Hoo! I feel a knife in my back.

3. Pooh-Pooh (Hebrews 5:12-14)
Liz said she used this title because it rhymed with the other two and because babies only drink milk and poo. Hebrews is clear that most of us should have well surpassed the training wheel stage of Christian maturity by now. We should be moving toward more solid food. Training our senses by PRACTICE!!! Yet, for some of us, we are still content to paddle around in our Pampers – in need of a change. Icky-poo! It was another correct call.

Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we will ever have. To illustrate how personal and important this is, let me share a private moment with you. Our granddaughter, Kylie (age 8) prayed on Oct 23, 2010 to accept Jesus in her heart. In her own words, she desired God in her life “to have and to hold.”

We get to hold Jesus close in our hearts. It’s intimate. It’s internal. This takes work like any relationship. We must take time to talk to one another, to listen to one another and to learn about one another. It’s serious and it’s intentional. But having Him means having something to share with others and this is also serious and intentional. It’s external. It’s the second part of the relationship.

Now I have given you several Scripture references to look up at your convenience – if you dare! But I dare to say – you’ll be glad you did. However until then I leave you with the words found in Matthew 22:37.

My boss calls this the Secret to Everything. Our Jewish brethren know it as the Sh’ma. Jesus called it the “great and foremost” commandment and then threw in Matthew 22:39 for good measure. What is it? Simply this: Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. Do this and you will enjoy and prosper in a serious relationship with God and with others.

That’s the truth and there is no “utter!”

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