November 02, 2010

Letter to the Winner

“Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” Romans 13:1 (NASB)

Date: November 3, 2010

Dear Elected Candidate,

Congratulations on your win. I guess right now you are getting ready to dust off your new Senate seat or rearrange furniture in the Governors Mansion. Perhaps you are pulling out a list of appointments to make and reviewing the speeches you will begin to give.

Before you get started in this new phase of your life, I offer you some words of wisdom and advice. First of all, don’t get that excited about your win. It’s possible you didn’t get there on your own merit. Appalled by that thought? Let me explain.

I am “one of the people” and I honestly believe that “all of the people” in this country witnessed more mud slinging than we ever thought possible in the last several months. I also believe with all my heart that whether we are tea sippers, elephant riders or have donkeys hooked to our cart; we just want the type of change that will make Americans proud to be Americans.

Sure, there are lots of issues but mostly we just want to live a life where we have jobs so we can work hard to feed our families and the means to educate our children. We’d like to leave this world better than we found it, with a few less issues. Is that too much to ask of you, after all, you got the votes?

In my opinion regarding some races, a great many votes likely boiled down to this: 1) My vote for you was a vote against the other guy/gal or 2) I am voting for the lesser of two evils. How does that make you feel? Does it take some of the wind out of your sails? Humbled? Personally, I’d rather not get elected at all rather than be labeled as "the lesser evil." Hmm…..

Let’s move to my second piece of advice. Prove us wrong. Respectfully, you have a lot to prove. Now this may be hard to believe but we really want you to do well and I am sorry that some of us aren’t expecting it. But I promise to do better, if you will. Please remember that regardless of how you got here, you have been given a great and powerful responsibility. So is that piece of paper up your sleeve your own personal agenda or the agenda of the people?
Thirdly, serve wisely with a grateful heart to God for this opportunity to make difference in our country. Despite the ballot count, ultimately God allowed you in this position. You see, nothing gets by Him, not even an election. Therefore, you can be a self-serving elected official, thus doing absolutely nothing to dispel our lack of governmental apprehensive or you can serve God by serving the people in a godly fashion. Is this the popular thing to do? No. Will it cost you points in that coveted approval rating? Probably, at least at first but it will prove to be the wisest choice you will ever make.

So today, I don’t care if you call yourself conservative or a liberal just do the job the right way based on those principles this country was founded on. Keep God in the mix. Yes, you’ll make some people mad. But they might be the ones in the wrong to begin with, so as far as I am concerned they can just stay mad. But when that happens, I pray the rest of us will stand up and support you - loudly. Just don’t forget the greatest role model for politicians ever: Jesus Christ.

People didn’t always agree with Him either. He made more than a few people mad. But He positively affected more people for the good. His logic was indisputable and so was His love. Everything He did was based on the welfare and benefit of others, never a concern for His approval rating. The only special interest groups He served were the ones who couldn’t stand up for themselves: the children, the elderly and the sick.

And if this doesn’t beat all! He was both conservative and liberal. He was fiercely conservative when it came to His principles and He was passionately liberal with His love and His grace, and He always made good on His Word. Christ lived for the people and He died for the people. We should all live and serve according to His example. Just think of the possibilities if we did!

Praying for you,


  1. BRAVO! WELL SAID! I think you should copy this to every "winner" of today's elections! Our elected officials need a wake up call. You go girl!

    Your cohort in Christ, Kay

  2. WAHOOOOOO---you go girl, I agree with Kay---Well said, and ALL elected officials need to hear this...
    Praying for the country as a whole....
    I am reading a book now (that is my son-in-law's) called "Under God" by Tobi Mack...great book filled with short stories about our founding fathers who founded this great nation of ours on the Principles of God's Holy, Inspired Word...
    I love your blogs and look forward to them each week...
    May God continue to give the words we need to hear...
    Love ya,
    Cathy Lewis