September 01, 2010

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

“A time to give birth and a time to die…” Ecclesiastes 3:2a (NASB)

Of course, you recognize the song made popular by Chicago, the group not the city, more years ago than I will bring to mind. I often forget to put on my watch, so there are times – I haven’t a clue what time it is. Time-it’s an interesting thing when you really stop to think about it. But who stops anymore to think about time, other than how much of it we don’t have.

Twenty years ago last week, I accompanied my then fiancé Bobby Gobbs, to Montana. He was taking me home to meet his parents. Although I had a ring on my finger and wedding talk passed between us, he didn’t officially propose until that trip. We stood in an old log church with a large picture window behind the pulpit area that opened to resplendent view of Lone Mountain near Big Sky Montana.

Obviously, I accepted and a few days later I met Bob’s dad and said my first hello. Last week, exactly twenty years later, I stood in a small town church and walked behind an oak-wood casket, where I said good-bye to Bob’s dad for the last time.

The service was beautiful and the family is faring well, although we still covet your prayers. We seated ourselves in that beautiful small church where the men’s choir sang “The Old Rugged Cross” and where Howard Gobbs’ obituary was read. The pastor began to talk about Bob’s dad and then read from the Book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3:1 where the Word of God states, “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.”

After he recited that verse and several more that followed, he made some well spoken and comforting remarks. But then he asked everyone, “What time is it for you?”

My mind has mulled on that for days. It would take days to list all the things we could do with time. But time itself has an appointment with us. Today, what time is it for you?

• Is it time to let go of something that has been holding you back?
• Is it time to pick up something you need to hold on to?
• Is it time to forgive or time to forget?
• Is it time to trust or time to obey a word God has provided?
• Is it time to reevaluate or time to appreciate the people and things in your life?
• Is the time to hate over and now is it time to heal?
• Is it time to start a relationship with the God who made time for you?

I think one of the lines in that before-mentioned Chicago song asks, “If anyone really cares what time it is?” That also is a good question. I believe God cares and I believe time is growing short. There is time for everything under heaven. What time is it for you today?

Better yet, what time is it for me?


  1. Timly topic for me - As you know, i had a close friend to pass away a couple of weeks ago. I'm writing about something similar on my blog post.

  2. Dear Barbara, I'm sorry about your father-in-law.
    I haven't said thank you for your weekly devotionals in a long time, but read faithfully every week. Thank you!
    Debbie Smith

  3. Jem and I are sorry to hear about your loss. Give our love to Bob. We'll be praying for you in the days ahead, with love.