July 19, 2010

Smoke on the Mountain - Fire in the Office?

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

Discounting the busyness of the day, Monday has been great. At least it started that way. Bob got me up early. I managed to rise up and shake off the night’s sleep without too much problem. Good thing, I had stuff to do today!

My boss, Cheryle, was in town and we were meeting face to face. Since I don’t get to actually see her that much, this was exciting. However, since we were meeting at my house, cleaning became a priority. I will not bore you with all the details but between cleaning, meeting and lunching together the day sped by faster than I imagined.

After lunch, I was ready to get some work done. Next week Bob and I are going on vacation so I have to “clear my desk” before departing to Denver! Before I could get too much done, my daddy called. I love it when my daddy calls me. So I took a moment away from the computer to talk to dad. That’s when it happened!

Dad and I were discussing an article on the internet which I had pulled up on the computer in front of me. Without warning, the screen went blue! Not blank, but that “kiss of death” blue screen we all dread. I felt the panic start to rise. “Dad, I’ve got the blue screen! Oh no! I have too much to do this week!” I knew a computer crash was on the horizon.

Yet there was a voice of reason on the other end of the phone. I thought I heard dad smile (I’m trained in that) and then he calmly told me to reboot the computer. Brilliant idea! I guess that is why IBM paid him all those bucks for 30 years. With a sense of relief, I reached down to the power button on the CPU and pressed it.

Without any fanfare, the computer blinked and beeped and turned on. The motor fan started to whirl . . . and whirl . . . and whirl. The whirling started to accelerate like Richard Petty on the final lap. My eyes widened as the acceleration continued and I finally decided, “She’s gonna blow!”

“Dad! I’ll call you back!” I yelled and tossed the phone, as I started screaming for Bob. Why scream? Well, it seems by that time smoke started pouring out of every slot and opening in the computer, and all around my desk! Between screams, I dropped to my knees and yanked the power cord from the outlet. Silence ensued. The smoke cleared up.

Whew! No caffeine needed after this incident.

Well, let me tell you . . . the rest of the story. Once we got everything back under control, we made a sobering discovery. There was never any smoke coming from the computer. It was dust. Yes, I said it - dust. I have blown any hope for being awarded the Good Housekeeping seal of approval. Yet, I’ve never hid my distain for dusting. But my blatant neglect of a simple, albeit tedious task, caught up with me.

I called Dad back and advised him of the situation. He indicated that a build up of dust could do bad things to your computer and yes, Virginia – computers need to be cleaned as well.

Bob and I properly took my “brain” apart and cleaned it. We reassemble it and now, she’s working great. Who knew what a little dust could do! If it only was that simple, with my real brain!

Now, I know it could have been worse. It easily could have caught on fire. The losses could have been small or they could have been great. I’m grateful God spared my computer and for the lesson I learned.

I just started to write about that lesson and how it applied to a “faux pas” I made earlier today, but I deleted it. I am embarrassed to share. However, I am certain you don’t need to hear my lesson for God to give you one of your own.

Let’s just say, as you go this week, if you do some dusting on the outside, don’t forget tot dust the inside as well!

Love, Barbara

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  1. Hey Barbara: Thanks for sharing this. Here lately my computer was doing the fast running thing, too. I cleaned it out yesterday, and boy was it full of dust!!!! Thanks for helping me avoid a disaster. Love, Gail