July 12, 2010

Questions and No Answers

“The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.” Deut. 29:29 (NAS)

Sometimes my sense of being literal kicks in and gets the best of me. This generally happens when someone is speaking. Even though, I know exactly what the person means, I can’t help but sometimes assess how the words are spoken. (Okay – move me up on your prayer list!)

I’ll give an example. Yesterday in church someone made the statement that one day Satan would be defeated and Christ would be king. Now I absolutely knew without a doubt that he was referring to the Second Coming of Christ where Satan would be forever taken care of and Christ returns in all His glory. But. . .

My friend and I caught something we had to correct! She said it out loud as I thought it: Christ is already King. Maybe that is nit-picky or maybe God wanted to make sure that she and I still recognized Christ as King today and were living that way – literally speaking.

Then there was the movie last night at church. Movie night at church is great. We were watching a film about Billy Graham. During one point in the movie, I had to get literal again. I really hate that when it happens, but many times I believe God uses it to make me ponder a spiritual point. Let me share.

During one dramatic scene, a close and personal friend of Rev. Graham’s came to a rather overwhelming crisis of belief. It broke Billy’s heart, as it does when any of our friends are in spiritual pain. Therefore Billy Graham prayed. In the movie, the actor cried out to God while lifting his Bible heavenward, “There are questions in this book I can’t answer!” (Now you’ll have to watch the movie, Billy, The Early Years to see how it all ends and to make sure you understand the context which time prevents me from going into.)

I am sure I missed the next few minutes of the movie mulling over the meaning of the statement, “There are questions in this book I can’t answer!” My literal sense kicked in and made me cringe, but what I came up with created a smile and a bit of soul-searching.

You see, my first thought (and remember these are my thoughts) was wait a minute, the Bible does not have questions that there are no answers for. But I do. You do. Mankind does. Maybe the Bible creates questions which there doesn’t appear to be answers for, but is that bad? I mean, if the Word is creating questions in us then hopefully that means we are reading it!

I think it all boils down to man has questions about the Bible that man can’t answer. Man has questions about life that man can’t answer. But God has the answer for everything. Sometimes He reveals it plainly, other times, not so much. Sometimes, He withholds the answer, or at least the answer we want.

It’s those times when I truly rely on faith in the Father and Deut. 29:29. Those things not revealed are secret things. Why? I can only guess. Maybe it is because we couldn’t understand the reasons with our little finite minds. Perhaps it is because the reasons are not as important as our obedience at the moment. My faith helps me to accept that and move on.

I especially like moving on to the second part of the verse where it proclaims the things God has already revealed to us in His word are ours and they’re ours forever! That’s worth repeating! What God has chosen to reveal to us is ours. It’s yours and it’s mine. And I believe by holding on dearly to what God has revealed increases my faith to accept what He chooses to hold secret for a time. Then the faith-blessings follow.

What is it in your life right now that God appears to be holding in secret? Is it holding you back from trusting Him completely with all that you are? Could your holding back be holding back some faith-blessings from Father God?

Let me assign you some homework. As you have some free time in the car or while you are on “hold” during a phone call, make a mental list of all the things that God has revealed to you and dwell upon those things. Call it spiritually exercising your mind-muscle for the day. If you are not used to exercise, this could create some soreness but remember no pain, no gain!

Satisfied with His Secrets!

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