June 13, 2010

Miles of Hope – One Step at a Time

“Now after this the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them two and two ahead of Him to every city and place, whither He Himself was going to come.” Luke 10:1 (NAS)

During the summers of my childhood, I would spend time visiting my cousins and they would spend time visiting me. Of course, I always liked staying at their house better than ours, because other parents always let you do things that your parents don’t.

Actually maybe it would be more concise to say, they let you do things that were different from what you did at home. For me that meant walking. Of course, my parents let me walk, but my boundaries were tighter. Then again we lived in a bigger city than my cousins. Bigger is not necessarily better and brings other issues to the table, but I digress.

When at my cousins’ house, the three of us would walk all over the city. We walked what seemed like a zillion miles to Woolworths to get French fries and a coke. And we did most of it barefoot. I bet the early disciples could relate but it is something I wouldn’t be caught dead doing today!

Fast forward to present times where if I want French fries now, I jump in the car and head to the closest drive through! How lazy I have become! But in recent years walking has been revived! We walk for health and exercise. We walk for honorable causes. Walking is good, ask any doctor!

Now let me tell you another story: two friends of mine started walking together in the evening. After all, it is more fun when there’s more than one! They walked. They talked. They prayed. They shared their past time with a few others. Their walk turned into a topic of conversation. Their prayer turned into a topic of discussion. Today, it has turned into a ministry and an opportunity. I am pleased to be a supporter of their vision.

I am proud to introduce to you: Miles of Hope – One Step at a Time and the website http://www.mymilesofhope.com/ . This was created because two women turned their physical exercise into spiritual energy. The purpose of this site is for women (okay men, too if they want!) to log in, sign up and commit their walking miles to God. You might know this as prayer walking. The ultimate goal is to circle the globe in prayer over the summer. That’s 24,902 miles of walking and prayer! Can you imagine what the results could be?

There is no cost involved and you can walk two by two or twenty by twenty. Let me encourage you to check this out. Forward this to your friends, co-workers and your women’s ministry director at church. But by all means SIGN UP and PRAYER WALK! About what? ANYTHING! You can pray out loud or silently. Pray for your family, friends, our country, the world, and even those you pass by as you walk. Can’t get out – use a treadmill. You just need to move those hips and move those lips!

As I write we have 250 miles committed and yes, I have committed as well. I would never ask you to do something I would not do myself.

When Jesus sent out the seventy – you can bet your bottom dollar they prayed as they walk. Because of that, the face of the world was changed forever. With times being as they are, we are in desperate need of a face lift! I double-dog dare you to log on and sign up. The Lord will honor you for it and Miles of Hope thanks you. Your friends will thank you. Your community will thank you and I thank you. Most of all your heart will thank you – in more ways than one!

Prayer Warriors start walking!!

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