June 21, 2010

Answers In Genesis

“In the beginning God created…” Genesis 1:1 (NAS)

On Sunday June 6, Carl Kerby spoke at our church. Now, you are asking, “Who is Carl Kerby?” Glad you asked. Carl is a fast-talker with a comedic sense. He is a former air traffic controller – which peaks the interest of everyone in the Gobbs household. He is married and loves the beach. But the best part about Carl is that he is a born again Christian committed to educating people in the area of creationism.

Carl works for an organization called Answers in Genesis. You can look them up at www.answersingenesis.org for yourself and I suggest you do! Carl came and taught four sessions on creationism vs. evolution to equip us to answer questions on that subject. It was amazing. There is no way I can repeat all I learned from this gifted and godly man – so let me suggest – you guys get him at your church fast!

But I do want to recap a few lessons I learned or relearned and share them with you. There is no rhyme or reason to this, just hoping the Spirit will lead you to something YOU need for today, and possible tomorrow!

1. Some frogs are toxic. God has made a lot of frogs. Some of them are actually toxic. I have seen these at the zoo so this was no surprise. What was a surprise is that when you take some of these frogs out of their environment and deprive them of some of their normal nutrients, they loose their toxicity. My spiritual lesson: some of us have mouths like toxic frogs. We can poison people with our words. But if we allow the grace of God to move us into the realm of a spiritual environment and we exchange old sustenance in favor of something more holy, we too, can loose our toxicity.

2. Okay God, I know what you wrote, but now let me tell you what you meant. I had to write this down right away. We exist in a society where some will acknowledge the Bible but then reinterpret it for us their way. As if God wrote His Word but really didn’t mean it that way! Unfortunately readily-Bible believing Christians are guilty of this as well. I know I have been. When was the last time we did what we wanted to do and justified it with this type of a statement? Thought I’d ask.

3. The Three C’s. Answers in Genesis serves to inform the Christian body but I gather their main purpose is to educate Christians in defending the faith. This is necessary if we are sharing our faith as the Lord has commanded. I mean, it’s hard to fully share something we don’t understand. So educating believers is a good thing. But there is more education to be had, because as believers, at times, we get our roles mixed up with God’s role. Need some explanation? Here’s a simple formula to remember our part in sharing the new goods, it is NOT our job to convict or convert, but only to converse. Who knew it could be so simple?

There is one last thing I will leave you with. Rest assured you were created by a loving and living God who cares for you above all other things. You were specifically designed and patterned “in His image.” You exist because God breathed life into you and your purpose is simply to love Him back. You were not created first – but big deal! God was the first to save the best for last! Therefore you are God’s greatest masterpiece and masterpieces are made complete at the time of creation. They are not made and then added to century after century. So it is certain you did not come from an amoeba, frog, monkey or Sponge Bob (you had to be there).

In the beginning God created and what He created was a man and a woman. They began as man and woman and have always been and will always be a man and a woman, breathed upon and blessed by God.

As you were created, so should you live!

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  1. Wow! Thank you Barbara. I appreciate this so much. It's very encouraging that folks understand what you're trying to communicate. Your take aways definitely cover what I'm hoping folks get. Stay bold. Carl Kerby