May 16, 2010

Go Toward the Light and You’ll Never Be Lost!

“In Him [Jesus] was life, and the life was the light of all men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” John 1:4-5 (NASB)

My name is Barbara and I am a Lost-Aholic. I am not alone because there are thousands more like me. Perhaps you are one as well. If not maybe you know someone who is. We’re easy to spot. We are the ones who will not work overtime on Tuesday nights. Why? Because we are focused on one single task: a 9:00pm time slot. There will be no dinner dates, no homework lessons and no bathing of children when LOST is on television.

Okay, it’s a bit much but you know how I love to be melodramatic! Now I am sure many of you are anti-LOST but I ask you to bear with me – there is a point to today’s message. But first I must take you on a short journey, so sit back and relax, read on with me for a spell.

This is the last season of LOST. In fact, there are only a few shows left before it goes off the air. However, these last few shows explain all the mysteries we’ve experienced to date. Last week, the show took us back to explain the origins of two pivotal characters. It seems two brothers were raised by a mysterious woman who murdered their mother at birth. Now that’s a whole other story!

This woman was a guardian of the Island’s secret. Then it came time to show the boys the secret as one of them would take her place one day. She brought them through the jungle, blindfolded, to a remote and lovely stream. It was there they discovered a place where a brilliant and great light emanated. She said it was “The Source.” The light was magnificent and it totally captivated the two boys, drawing them closer to discover its secrets.

Unfortunately, curiosity about this light was not permitted. The woman held the boys back, instructing them to never go inside the light. It was taboo. However, it was to be guarded all at costs. She was emphatic with her instructions to guard the light as if were a good god but told one of the boys that going into the light would be a fate far worse than death. The image of the light and the instructions governing it were hard to comprehend. So… forward to the end of the episode where one of the boys was tossed into the light and came out a smoke monster!

Wow, I know you are thinking I must have something better to do with my time! Alas, I probably do but I must follow this dramatic work of fiction to the end. However, the island isn’t the only thing that works in mysterious ways, so does God. The last few days has kept me thinking about the light, or actually The Light.

You see, Scripture is quite clear that there is only one light of any real substance in life, and Jesus is that Light. He is the light that illuminates our path, guides our actions and provides clarity to our vision. He is the Light of the world. He is the light that lives within us as believers.

Now I believe that in a certain sense that light should be guarded. The Bible tells us to guard our hearts and minds in Christ. It is the source of our salvation and the source of all our power we call the Holy Spirit. We should guard ourselves as vessels of the Light at all costs against corruption and evil. We guard the Light by surrendering ourselves to the Light. We feed the Light when we spend time in prayer and in His Word. We fan the flames of the Light when we are in proper service to the Lord thus inviting others into the Light. Matthew 5:16 instructs us to let our light shine so others will see our good deeds in order to glorify God in Heaven.

Never are we instructed to guard the Light from us or others! Never are we admonished to stay away from its presence! Never would we be turned into a monster for coming in contact with the Light. In reality, just the opposite is true.

In fact, God gets great joy any time someone comes into that Light. I was blessed to be present when a new friend did exactly that last Tuesday morning! Coming into the Light is personally transforming in all ways wonderful!

Now there are some who come into the Light and leave unhappy. Remember light illuminates, so the sin-areas in our lives become highly visible in the light. But Jesus never lights up the lost, for them to remain lost. He lights up those areas so we can see our need for Him, then He delights in clearing those areas away. It’s a shame some folks choose to hang on to their sin, instead of letting the Light cleanse them from it.

So the next time you “see the Light” go towards it! And take someone along with you, while you are at it!

Out of the darkness and into the Light and loving it!

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