April 05, 2010

In Remembrance of Me

“And when He had taken some bread and given thanks, He broke it, and gave it to them, saying, ‘This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.’” Luke 22:19 (NAS)

Let me state the obvious, yesterday was Easter. Last week was Holy Week and I pray you spent particular time remembering the eternal significance for our sacred and joyous celebrations. I say celebrations – because perhaps like me, you celebrated on numerous occasions during the week and not just solely on Sunday.

For my home, it started on the Sunday night before Easter when the choir presented Sacred Music for this season. On that night the music led us up to and through the crucifixion of Christ. They stopped there because the resurrection hadn’t yet occurred. The ordinance of the Lord’s Supper was incorporated into the musical presentation adding to the spiritual depth of the service.

Our mid-week gathering also magnified this most important celebration on the Christian calendar. Then on Friday night, Bob and I attended our very first Seder (Passover Supper) with some friends who are Messianic Jews and lead a congregation in Port St John. Too bad, we don’t have all day! I’d love to tell you about that marvelous event! What a blessing!

Then Sunday morning, we worshipped again as the choir and the Pastor led us in praise and honor of what the Resurrection means for us! The Lord has risen and is alive today! Praise be to God and the Son for what that means in my life and yours!

All this leads me to sharing a particular thought that kept beating in my heart all week long. It’s a simple thought but one that delivers me from cares of the world into the comfort of Christ regardless of my circumstances. It all started with a few little words sang by Roy the Sunday night before Easter, “Remember Me.”

This solo was sung right before the partaking of the Lord’s Supper on Palm Sunday. It is a direct reference from Luke where Jesus tells the disciples to “do this” in remembrance of Him. Sitting there in church, just moments before the elements were to be passed around, it dawned on me that Jesus asked them to do this and remember Him, but there is nothing required for Jesus to do, to remember us. Why? Because He can never forget. It’s us who needs the reminding.

I can’t be sure how your week is starting off or even what your last week was like, but can I coax you into making some time today to remember the One who will never forget you. I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart through this simple thought as He spoke to mine.

Love, Barbara

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  1. A good thought, Barbara. We were so glad to have you visit our seder. That's what the feasts and festivals are all about - remembering. Each week, during our Shabbat service (one of the feasts), we remember Yeshua's blood and his body by taking the cup and the bread. It is indeed good to remember.