March 22, 2010

I Hate Being Sick

“All the days of the afflicted are bad, but a cheerful heart has a continual feast.” Proverbs 15:15 (NASB)

I spent the first two weeks of March sick. It was off and on, but mostly on. I had a pesky old head cold and sinus infection. However, the older I become, the longer it takes to recoup from even minor afflictions. It wouldn’t have been so bad, if the stuff just wouldn’t mess with my head. It’s a mess enough on its own.

The first week:
After a few days in bed, I decided some fresh air would be good so I went with Bob to buy groceries. The fact we had nothing, and I mean nothing, in the freezer necessitated the trip by someone! I thought I was doing okay until an innocent bystander caught me talking to myself in front of the freezer case – complete with hand motions. I decided going back to bed would be best when I tried to pay with said groceries with my driver’s license. Who knew TheraFlu could mess with your head that much!

Second week:
Why did this come back? What did I do to deserve head harassment? Can’t someone catch a cold in a knee for heaven’s sake? At least then I could grab a crutch and continue on with a clear mind! So, I cancel all daytime engagements and pray I am well enough to teach my Wednesday night and Saturday morning classes. I’m not taking any chances of humiliating myself this time.

Unfortunately, I discovered you do not have to leave home to do that! Since I work from home and have a very kind and understanding boss, I wasn’t too worried about my job. Except I was starting to work on some really cool stuff and hated losing momentum.

I managed to get payroll done, not too hard – the software pretty much does everything. But wait, did I pay that bill – sure I did. OMG! I didn’t! Here comes the chest pains – seriously. Paid the bill and confessed my sin via email. I am such a chicken.

After a period of grief, I headed back to bed. Bob had secured me a jar of Vicks Vapor rub. I rubbed it on my feet and put on socks. Someone said this would help. I was desperate. Did it help? Not sure, but it put a few quirky looks on the kitty’s face when she came sniffing around.

I tell you all this for absolutely no good reason at all. I can’t divulge any great spiritual lesson from the experience, but thought you could use a slight giggle on a Monday morning. Maybe you don’t feel like the brightest crayon in the box today. Maybe you had to come clean about a mistake you made and have had some chest pains of remorse yourself. Perhaps life is just closing in faster than you like and just need some room to breathe. Just giggle. Just a little. It might help. Then give it to God. I did.

The Father is available to us all the time, not just in a spiritual crisis. I didn’t feel well. My Father cared. I made a careless mistake. My Father forgave. (and so did my boss) Okay, I acted a little strange. My Father overlooked that and probably got a laugh or two out of it as well. Whatever your day is bringing you, please rest assured that your Father is watching over you as well.

Today, don’t let whatever affliction that might come your way consume you. Don’t let it torture you. Let the Lord lighten your load, take it to heart and feast on that!

Loving the day and you!

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  1. Now I'm sick so I guess my staff will have to offer the same grace.