March 09, 2010

The Chosen

“Just as He [God] chose us in Him [Christ] before the foundation of the world…” Ephesians 1:4a ( NASB – brackets mine)

Carrie and Matt have a cat. Okay, poetry is not my forte, but the statement is still true. A few years ago, they tried to give us and everyone else in the neighborhood that cat. No one accepted the gracious offer.

I heard recently on a television show, where cats were the topic du jour, cats are not pets you choose, but rather they are pets that choose you. Since Bob and I are also cat owners, we tend to agree, especially in the case of Matt and Carrie.

Their cat wanders inside and out at will. It has exalted itself to a high and lofty position in their household. I’ve even heard rumors that the cat goes for walks with them without the constraints of a leash. My cat only follows me to the kitchen. I wonder why.

Now I’ve seen cats being walked by their owners on a leash, although not often. But never have I seen a cat that will follow you on a walk or to the neighbor’s house for dinner and then wait for you outside. It has been my experience that a cat will happily head for parts unknown if given half an opportunity.

Last week, Bob and I made a grocery run and down the street was Carrie, out walking their dog. The dog is older and suffers with bad legs. Today she had her entire backside in a sling, held onto by Carrie. The dog walked on her front paws with her mistress maneuvering the sling. Bringing up the rear was the cat. Readily following behind, the kitty kept pace with the two in front of her. I’d heard about this but it was the first time I saw it with my own eyes.

It’s funny that as hard as Matt and Carrie tried to unchoose that cat, their efforts were in vain. The cat simply had chosen them and that was the end of it. So now, life goes on for a cat that perhaps thinks she’s a dog with a claim staked on a family who lives on our block. This family has now chosen her as well.

This comical moment made me think of the “chooses” or choices, I make every day.

• What or who do I choose to follow willingly?

• What do I choose to follow through on – even if the object is skeptical about choosing me?

• Do my choices reflect a greater choice made in my behalf, even before I knew there was a choice to make? (This might not sound like it makes sense, just think on it a while)

From the beginning of time, the great God of the universe chose me. He chose you too. God created us and chose us to have an active and vital relationship with Him. However, God is all about us choosing back as well. Joshua told the Hebrew nation, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” Jesus told the crowd, “You can serve God or money, but not both.” You choose.

Over 25 years ago, I realized that one very big God chose to love one very pathetic creature – me. He chose to love me at my worst, so He could offer me His best and created in me a new life, filled with wonder and amazement. How could I not choose Him back! So I did and it was a choice, I have never regretted.

What about you?

Have you chosen to love the Lord that loves you? If so, how does that reflect in all the other choices you make during the day? Do you follow Him relentlessly? Or just wander in and out of His life as you please? If you do, maybe it’s time to settle down and let your life reflect that.

Choices, we all make them. I encourage us all to choose love. Choose life. Choose the Lord. In doing this you will be choosing wisely.

Love, Barbara

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