February 23, 2010

Never Forget

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” Psalm 103:2 (KJV)

The flashing lights and screaming siren interrupted the flow of massive traffic on Beach Blvd. The local fire engine, weaving in and out of stopped vehicles, was directly in my path. Fortunately for me, it was headed in the opposite direction from where I was driving that afternoon.

Unfortunately, this is not an unusual sight in Jacksonville. Where traffic abounds so does madness. Not to mention, the normal every day occurrences of accident and illness where the mighty paramedic is needed. But what caught my attention on this particular day, about this particular fire truck were the words painted across the outside of the vehicle, just above the windshield. I believe they read: NEVER FORGET.

I am certain those words were a reference to September 11 and the terrorist attack we endured on that day. Yet, for some unexplained reason, my mind took off in another direction, something about not forgetting the God of my youth. What were those things I should never forget?

I will never forget the day Bob proposed to me. I will never forget our wedding or the day my daughter was born. I will never forget the day she married and the days my grandchildren were born. I’ll never forget the day my sister moved from this life to the next with the Father. So many things I will never forget.

I will also never forget the day I asked Jesus into my heart – even though I cannot for the life of me, remember the date. I will never forget my baptism or the first day I ever taught a Sunday school class. I’ll never forget the day Bob took my hand and I walked the aisle with him, as he gave his heart to the Lord. I’ll never forget the day my daughter publicly confessed her belief in the Lord.

Never will I forget the day God spared my child’s life after she totaled her car and walked away without a scratch. Never will I forget the day God walked with her and protected her as a bank robber held a gun to her head, and she 5 months with child at the time.

I will never forget the day the hospital bill came after I had surgery – with full knowledge the insurance company was not going to pay for it and the bill was only $25.00. I will never forget the comfort of Christ as we moved across the country and bountifully received new friends and blessings for our efforts.

I will never forget the look on Emily’s 13 year old face, as she nodded “no” when I asked if she had prayed to receive Christ and then shyly confessed, “But I am ready now.”

There are so many things we should forget. Such as the wrongs done to us, and the pain we suffered through a winter of discontent. We need to forget the times we failed and the things we hoped to gain but have not, thus far in life and indeed may never gain. There are so many things to forget and let go of because they are not worth remembering. They serve only to kept us in the past and stifle our forward momentum in life. The only things worth remembering here is the way God used each moment in question to teach us, reach us and conform us into the image of His Son. After that – remembering negativity may only continue to fuel negativity.

Ah! But there are so many other things we should never forget! Never forget the Creator! Never forget the God of your youth! Never forget the Savior of your present and the King of your future! Never forget the beauty of your life as it is covered with Christ. Oh my beloved friends – never forget!

I bless the LORD, with all my soul, and may I never forget all His benefits!

Praising God with remembrance!

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