December 13, 2009


“In the LORD shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory.” Psalm 45:25 (KJV)

Who brings up seeds at Christmas? Generally, not me. Lights, always. Stars, without a doubt. Angels, obviously. But not seeds, I don’t even think about them until spring!

Then let today be a first!

Actually, a case for seeds can easily be made for Christmas. After all, the Holy Spirit planted the seed of the Christ-Child in Mary. This brings us to possibilities.

Okay, this probably sounds like a broad jump but bear with me. Our choir performed the Christmas Cantata last night, entitled, “Mary, Did You Know?” It’s one of my favorite songs that asks a question pondered by many hearts, just what did Mary know?

I guaranty Mary knew more than what God allowed in written Scripture because she was there. Obviously the Bible leaves us wondering on a few details especially regarding the actual seed-planting. But that is okay, after all, the moment was holy and private. I rest assured God told us all we needed to know.

Mary knew this was definitely God’s work, not just a possibility. But I wondered if some of the things she pondered were about the possibilities of her Son. Was it possible He really was the Messiah they’d looked for all those years? Was it possible she’d see her people delivered in her lifetime? Could she even imagine the possibility of her Baby Jesus healing the sick and raising the dead?

Whether she fully understood or not, the answer to all of these questions was yes. It was all possible and it indeed came to pass. Why? It was because He was His Father’s Child. Jesus possessed all that the Father was and His possibilities were infinite.

We’ve mentioned seeds and possibilities. Now let us move pass them and hop-scotch over to trees. If you are like me you have a tree in your living room. I love Christmas trees. They make me smile with all the lights. If you have a real tree, that tree grew from a seed. Everything that tree is right now – is due to the blueprint contained in its seed.

Now here is where we wrap up this package for today. I came across this statement a few months ago and it has stayed with me. Let me share it with you right now: The seed includes all the possibilities of the tree – An Ancient Egyptian Proverb.

Jesus Christ was born with all the character, capability, purpose and potential of His Father because Jesus was of His seed. Bless His holy name! Celebrate the fact that this “tree” grew up to become and accomplish exactly as He was destined to accomplish.

Rejoice that you too, are a tree. Metaphorically speaking. But your seed is not of yourself. I John 3:9 tells us, “…because His seed abides in him [you]…” The minute you accepted the Christ-Child as your Savior, you became of His seed with all the possibilities that entails.

Christmas is when we celebrate His birth, the beginning of God in Flesh, who came to sinful man to accomplish the greatest possibility of all: reconciliation of man to God. It is also, because of that reconciliation that we can grow into a servant with endless possibilities of service – all because we are His seed!

So what’s possible for YOU today?


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