November 24, 2009

To Be or Not To Be – Grateful!

“Remember Lot’s wife.” Luke 17:32

These days the act of remembering is becoming more difficult. I mean there are so many things in life I can forget! I forget to return phone calls. I forget appointments. Last week, I forgot to write down an ATM! I forget what I was supposed to remember. Some call it getting older. I prefer to think of it as there are just too many things going on in my head a.k.a information overload.

They say admitting you have a problem is the first step in getting help. Okay, I admit it. I have a problem – help!

This past Sunday night, Brother William talked about the ten lepers from Luke chapter 17. This passage is where Jesus healed 10 lepers yet only one hung around long enough to thank Him. I pondered the events of the passage with Thanksgiving, which is just around the corner, in mind. As I privately reviewed the Scriptures, my eyes gazed past the point where we were reading, down several verses, until they came to rest upon Luke 17:32, “Remember Lot’s wife.”

Here is where I want us to camp today. Maybe you wonder why? Perhaps you are not even certain who Lot or his wife was and what this could possibly have to do with Thanksgiving. Well, you must know that I am dying to explain!

Hopefully you remember Abraham of the Old Testament. Well, Abraham had a nephew named Lot. Obviously, Lot had a wife, as well as a few big kids. They had a cozy little home in the quaint valley town of Sodom, which was near another valley retreat called Gomorrah. Both cities were well-know for, shall we say, their “if it feels good, do it” way of life.

Of course, we don’t have all day so I’ll cut to the chase: God got fed up with the towns and prepared to send immediate destruction upon them. However, Abraham and God had a conversation beforehand and God sent a couple of angels to escort Lot and his family out of town just prior to the T-minus 10 countdown. The angel’s instructions were clear and concise: head to the mountains and do not look back.

If Lot’s wife had only paid attention! She did look back and was immediately turned into a pillar of salt. Believe it or not – there is a point for us today during our Thanksgiving week.

I believe Lot’s wife had an ungrateful heart. Here is my personal take on the situation. With no appreciation for deliverance, she only had thoughts of what she left behind and would no longer have in her possession. Apparently she was the mother who ignored the fact she had her family and her health – not to mention the direct blessing of God Himself, who personally arranged their rescue.

So what becomes of the ungrateful person? Remember Lot’s wife.

Today I offer you my assessment of what an ungrateful heart will do for you:

• An ungrateful heart does not appropriately recognize past blessings – it only agonizes over them.

• An ungrateful heart misses present blessings.

• An ungrateful heart is not able to receive future blessings.

• Mostly, an ungrateful heart can’t be a blessing to others because they are frozen in time longing for something lost or left behind.

As your week unfolds with whatever plans you have made, under whatever circumstances you find yourself in, I urge you to remain forever grateful to God who personally arranged our rescue from a fate far worse than death. Be grateful for the provisions He has made – even if they come differently than you expected. Be grateful enough with a heart of thanksgiving that you will be a blessing to others, not just this week, but every week.

If you have trouble remaining grateful, just remember Lot’s wife every time someone says, “Please pass the salt!”

May God smile His best smile on each and every one of you – I am so grateful to God for your love and support. Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Barbara, Bob and Kitty Kat

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  1. Pass the salt will take on new meanings. This was meaningful to me this Christmas as I remember other holidays where I had the room to have everyone over. I have many blessings to be thankful for.